Solution Study: The Impact of AI on DevOps and Platform Engineering!

The integration of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) into DevOps and Platform Engineering is here to revolutionize the landscape of software development and infrastructure management. This abstract explores the imminent impact of ML/AI on DevOps and Platform Engineering, highlighting how these technologies enhance automation, optimize processes, and facilitate predictive analysis. The fusion of ML/AI with DevOps practices streamlines the software development lifecycle, enabling faster, more efficient deployment, monitoring, and maintenance of applications. Additionally, in Platform Engineering, ML/AI tools contribute to adaptive and self-healing systems, ensuring resilient, scalable, and secure infrastructure. This abstract discusses the transformative potential of ML/AI in DevOps and Platform Engineering, emphasizing the paradigm shift towards intelligent, data-driven, and automated practices in the software development and infrastructure management domains.

– DevOps and Platform Engineering – differences and why using both better together?
– How AI/L will transform both areass ?
– Where are the Chances, but also look at the risks, how to identify and mitigate the risks ?
– What is possible already today ? What should be possible in the future ?

Matthias Zieger - Director Sales Engineering Germany -


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