Case Study: What came first, Software composition or Team composition?

Streamlining Software Delivery is not only a technical challenge but also demands the right orchestration between the teams involved and how the information flows within their structures. In this presentation, you will learn how DKB-Code Factory Engineering challenged their team’s topologies to overcome inefficiency and reduce cognitive load in a contributor setup; as well as the key role, leadership played on the journey of bringing to production a scalable software solution for millions of customers.

– The influence of team composition and communication overhead
– Autonomous teams as a key aspect when scaling software
– Leadership strategies to achieve streamlined software delivery

Manuel Sanchez - Web Chapter Lead - DKB Code Factory


Case Study: Flow statt Flaschenhals - Automatisierte Softwarefreigabe in hoch-regulierten Domänen

Case Study: Evolution of DevOps culture at Netflix

Keynote: DevOps-Praktiken zu etablieren ist einfach, die Kultur zu ändern ist schwer!


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